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Monday, 19 March 2018

Russians Praised On Presidential Vote, Level Of Democracy

Italian UNGL Nazionale labour union member Gian Ferretti, who was an observer of the Russian presidential election, on Monday congratulated Russia on the high level of democracy in the country and outcome of the vote.

On Sunday, when Russia held its presidential election, Ferretti, who is the head of the UGL department on international relations, observed the voting process in Russia’s central Tver Region and visited about 20 polling places.

“My congratulation for the high degree of democracy. My congratulations with the results of this election.

“My congratulations with your excellent president,” Ferretti said at a press conference.

The Italian official added that he was very satisfied with the democratic process in Russia.

Also, Elie Hatem, a member of the Paris Bar Association and a former adviser to the UN secretary general, said international observers were impressed with the turnout at the Russian presidential election, which was high despite the cold weather.

“”I can also say that we were so impressed by the participation to this process. Young people, older people coming very early in the morning.

“And in spite of the very cold weather, the snow,” Hatem, who served as an adviser to ex-UN Secretary General Boutros Boutros-Ghali, told a news conference.

Russian voters came to polls in scores across the country and abroad on Sunday.

The turnout exceeded 67 per cent after 99.83 per cent of the ballots have been counted.

“I can say that everything was fair. I did not notice any contravention at all. And I am so glad after results of those elections,” the observer noted.

Russia’s incumbent President Vladimir Putin is winning by a wide margin, with 76.67 per cent of the vote after 99.75 of the ballots have been processed.

Communist Party candidate Pavel Grudinin is in the second place, head of the Liberal Democratic Party of Russia Vladimir Zhirinovsky is in the third place.

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