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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

How to know if a dying friendship is worth saving


True friendships make life worth living — but even true friendships sometimes go sour.
But how does one know when to let go of a friendship or that certain friends are not worth having around?
Here are important steps to take in deciding whether a friendship is worth saving.
Identify the problem
Before the solution, you must know the cause of the problem. So take time to reflect and think back to the breaking point when things began to spiral.
Majority of relationship problems stem from lack of clear communication. It is very easy to misunderstand words that may have been said when upset. It is also easy to misread the intentions of your friend when they did something with no intentions of hurting you.
Sometimes one party is to blame and sometimes both parties are to blame.
Consider if it’s fixable 
After identifying the problem, you have to decide whether what the person did is something you can get over.
Most people consider things like their friend sleeping with their partner or spouse, or spreading malicious gossip, as unforgivable.
Everybody has their limits. So you have to consider what your limits are and if your friend has pushed them too far.
Consider what you have to lose 
Different people bring different things into your life — happiness, love, companionship, respect, laughter, emotional support, and encouragement.
If your friend does all this for you, the friendship might be worth fixing.
But if you’ve felt relieved and happier since the friendship fell apart, then it was probably for the best and you should let it be.
Seek advice
It’s almost impossible to see the whole picture when you’re standing in the frame. So it’s always best to get counsel from a neutral third party before you make any rash decisions.
You may be blaming your friend when you may just be the one at fault.

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