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Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Cost effect of sanitary pad and high cost of living

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 In Bolivia, it is believed that females who don't dispose their sanitary pad well will have cancer or another terrific disease, instead they advise the young females and women generally to dispose it separately and in a perfect manner. One may see it as good hygiene but in the real sense, it is stigmatization! A very weird one at it. Sanitary pad in Nigeria is a subject of expense for the poor and a budget for everyone. The cost of living being high should not reflect in some things.

 The country is a land of heterogeneous ethnic groups with each one having it's perpetual cultural value. The country boasts of good resources and heritage that is worthy to bring envy from both neighboring countries and countries across the continent. It is quite disturbing the state of living in the country and most importantly the cost effect of sanitary pad. If something is to be free then it has to be sanitary pad but the otherwise is the case, as the measures of helping young girls and women generally are lacking and nobody seems to be saying less doing anything about it. Instead, stigmatization is the other of the day, dropping off the confidence of the young females, some don't even want to go anywhere in the five days they are going to have their period. The Non governmental organizations are not vocal about this enough, more about HIV/AIDs and other measures of curbing STDs is their clamour. 
       In the eras of our fathers, infact not quite long ago in the 70s towards the 90s , the country was proud of her booming economy thanks to Agriculture. However, the discovery of the dark gold didn't bring an immediate effect, although the interest for agriculture started dropping. The government didn't see it coming? Definitely not!  If the administrative foresight isn't there to cater for her citizens, how much more the fate of the females.

       However, it is high time enlightenment programs are held in secondary schools, tv and radio stations as well as platforms are put in place to ensure we have no case of stigmatization and other forms of pain infliction on the self identity of the females. The economy might speak bad and condoms might be free, why not the same for menstrual pads too. Menstruation is a good sign of life and the cost effect is alarmingly disgusting, the poor should be able to get it even if there is high cost of living, which isn't suppose to be so. 

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